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Show your 利哈伊碳社区学院 pride all year long with our authentic assortment of LCCC collegiate apparel – including LCCC t-shirts, 运动衫, LCCC礼物, 帽子和更多. 加入LCCC学生的行列吧, alumni and team fanatics by sporting the ultimate LCCC game day gear. With sizes available for men and women, the whole family can cheer on LCCC in style, every season. Looking for more than 利哈伊碳社区学院 apparel? We’ve got LCCC gift ideas covered, with options ranging from drinkware to 礼品卡. +, 我们的教科书选择, 一般的书, 电脑, 课程材料, and supplies will ensure every LCCC student is prepared for success. 今天就打电话、联系或到LCCC书店来!


电话号码 & 联系信息:

  • 610-799-1126(书店总线)
  • 610-799-1035(教科书客户服务)
  • 610-799-1036(一般客户服务)
  • 610-799-1650(前台登记及客户服务)
  • 电子邮件: bookstore@cirimisi.com

查找时间和所有地点 书店的网站.

Below is information regarding the Follett Access 书店 Program. 请查看这些文件,了解该计划是什么, 作为一名学生,它对你有什么好处, 这个项目有哪些课程, 以及如何访问你的材料!

我怎么知道我需要什么书 & 我怎么订购呢?

  1. LCCCShop.com
  2. 在“获取课本”部分, enter your L# (Letter L must be included and capitalized followed by 8 digits), 点击“进入”.
  3. Pick the correct TERM from the dropdown menu; tap “Find Courses”.
  4. The list provided is your custom booklist needed for all the classes you are registered for.
    • 标有“必需”的项目是您的课程所必需的.
    • 带有“推荐”的项目不是必需的,而是建议的.
    • “Choose Only” indicates you will need only 1 of the options provided; it is your choice as both are approved for class.
  5. Place a check mark in the item you wish to purchase and then tap “Add # Item to Cart”.
  6. 点击您的“包”结帐并完成您的订单.
    • Follow on-screen prompts and fill out all the requested information in full. ****Incorrect information may result in delays, or your order being cancelled.
  7. 在选择交货方式时, please note that there are 4 options available: In-Store Pickup at Main Campus, 在摩根中心(Tamaqua)接车, 在Donley中心(Allentown)接车, or, 额外收费, 我们可以把货物寄给你.
  8. You will receive 2-3 emails from the 书店 about your order:
    • 订单确认这告诉你你的订单已经下了,但是 还没准备好接.
    • 收据如果你使用了经济援助, 您将收到一封带有收据的电子邮件, 这表示您的订单已被处理, 但 还没准备好接.
    • 订单准备领取: please wait for this email to arrive before proceeding to pick up your order. 订单可能需要24-48小时才能完成提取和处理.
    • 如果你选择摩根或唐利中心接机, it will be couriered to the location within 24 hours of you receiving the ready for pick up email. 快递员于周一至周五中午12点离开主校区.
    • You will need the last 2 numbers of your order number to pick up your items.
    • 所有技术拾音器都需要ID.
    • 是的, you can have someone else pick up your items for you; please provide the full order number to whomever may be picking them up so we may assist them.


  • 现金
  • 经济资助(书店券)
  • 苹果支付
  • G支付
  • 三星支付
  • 贝宝
  • 签证
  • 万事达卡
  • 发现
  • 美国运通
  • 书店礼品卡


The best way to reach someone for assistance at the bookstore is via email. 请电邮至 bookstore@cirimisi.com. It is best to include the full issue or question, along with providing your L#.

You may also call us at 610-799-1126 for assistance – please have all information readily available when you call so that we can best assist you.

  • NOTE: During the beginning and end of the semester, we are at our busiest. It is best to email us during this time as we may not be able to answer all phone calls.

I have a bookstore voucher, how do I use this and what can I use it for?

在店内使用书店代金券, you will need your L# and a form of ID (we highly suggest your school ID, 但任何带照片的身份证都可以).

在网上使用书店代金券, you will select “金融援助” as payment during check-out and you will enter your full L#.

  • Please make sure your L# is correct and that you have proper funds available. If you have improper funds or names do not match, the order will be canceled.
  • You can only use the bookstore voucher for yourself – shipping to another person is not allowed. 订单必须以您的名字命名.

You are allowed to use your bookstore voucher for textbooks and school supplies. You are allowed to get 1 technology item per semester as well.

  • Some of the Items that will not be allowed to be purchased include furniture, tv, 投影仪, 服装, 化妆品, 手机, 手表, 杂志, 礼品卡, 贺卡, 糖果, 食物, 水瓶, airtags, 上课不需要课本.
  • 更多关于 书店凭证.

I live closer to Morgan or Donley Center, can I get books there?

  • Although a retail bookstore is not available at the satellite campuses, you do have the option to have your online order couriered to either satellite campus for free pickup. Please follow the directions when placing your order and select the campus you wish to receive your order. 注:3个取货地点的地址不同! Please ensure you are selecting the correct location before finalizing your order.
    • 注意:一旦你收到“准备领取”的电子邮件, please allow an additional 24 hours before going to pick it up.

Can I use split tender (multiple payment types) on the website?

  • You may do a split tender on the website if you are using 2 different credit cards or 礼品卡.
    • If you want to do a split tender using financial aid and your own funds, 你需要到商店来完成交易. 只有非经济援助订单可以在线分割.

我的书包括在学费里 & 收费,我怎么才能拿到?

包括在学费里的书 & 费用是书店的一部分 访问计划. 

我退了课,想要退款. 这个过程是什么??

If your materials were purchased on or before drop/add period, 全额退款的最后一天是删除/添加, 大约是在课程开始后的一周.

If you purchase your materials after this date, you have 7 business days to receive a full refund.

  • 书必须保持购买时的原样.
  • 要求退款时,你必须出示收据.
  • 如果你不能在截止日期前完成,请给我们发电子邮件 bookstore@cirimisi.com 这样我们才能满足你的需求.
  • Technology items cannot be returned for refund if product is opened.

I have financial aid funds; how much do I have? 到哪里去找钱?

  • You can find out the balance of your financial aid account by contacting the Business Office or 金融援助 Office during regular business hours.
  • 如果你期望有可用的资金,但没有, you will need to speak with someone from the Business Office to discuss the issue. 这不是由书店控制的.

Where can I return my rental books during normal business hours? 几个小时之后? 从摩根/唐利?

  • Rental books can be returned to the bookstore during regular business hours (Found at LCCCShop.com)到schnecsville的主校园书店.
    • Books can also be returned to the bookstore from the Morgan and Donley Centers via the courier service. Please fill out the required slip fully and return with your book to the front desk to be couriered to the main campus. 我们将在退货到达书店后处理.
    • We also have a drop box located outside the main campus bookstore for after-hour use. 您需要填写所提供的这张单子. 我们还提供了存放物品的袋子. 图书将在下一个工作日被检查.