Qoros Auto completes distribution of domestic dealer network

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Distributing the dealers network is the key preparation for a new auto brand to enter the market, which is closely related to the success of the auto brand.

Shanghai Volkswagen's one millionth Skoda rolled off the assembly line of its Yizheng factory in Jiangsu earlier this July, a new record for a European brand operating in the country. However, the first half year was not smooth for Skoda. Another 5 dealers exit from the network, among which Skoda Shenzhen Zhaofang was the first 4S shop in China. Bad sales must be the top reason for the dealer to withdraw.

Recently, the brand-new Qoros held the first Chinese dealers launching meeting in Changshu, where Qoros Auto President and CEO Guoqian, Vice president Shi qingren and the top seniors who are in charge of market, research and developing, production, sales and after-sales service all participated.

Skoda just published the first half year’s whole operating avenue which fell 13% from a year earlier to € 4.97 billion and the first half year’s operating profits also declined 46% to € 243 million. In the first half year, the global sales totaled 460,000 vehicles, down 5.8% compared with 490,000 of a year earlier. China market sales declined a bit 0.4% to 120,000 units compared with a year earlier. Last year’s Skoda China market sales amounted to 230,000 units which means that it is difficult to realize year-on-year growth this year. It is said that low sales is the most important reason for the dealers to exit.

At the meeting, Qoros Auto, with near 100 dealers all the country commonly discussed a series of topics, brand building, marketing sales, network development and after-sales service. What’s more, this meeting also symbolized that Qoros China sales network is being implemented as originally planed.

Earlier on the one millionth Skoda rolling off ceremony, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda also published dealership network development plan. In the second half year, Skoda planned to increase the dealers amount in the rate of almost 10% so as to break out the goals of 500 dealers and will cover third and fourth-tier cities. However, when making efforts to develop network, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda is also faced with the difficulty that many old dealers withdraw from the network.

As for the original plan, Qoros 3, the new model first launched respectively on the Geneva Auto Show and Shanghai Auto Show at the beginning of the year, would enter eastern Europe and China market successively in the second half year. Actually, after publishing the new model information at the end of 2011, Qoros had begun to lay out dealer network and had officially stated to at least set up 80 dealers before

It is learned that in the first half year, at least five Skoda 4S shops withdraw from the network, among which Skoda Shenzhen Zhaofang was the first 4S shop in China. Actually, earlier in 2010, Beijing Better Life group’s exit ever drew public attention since it was the sales champion in China. Therefore, Skoda must self-reflect on the dealer’s exit. The fundamental reason must be the sales problem, but there must be many reasons causing low sales.

  1. It was then rumored that many dealers lacked confidence of Qoros new brand’s future market and were hesitating towards whether to join its dealer network and even the industry insiders were concerned that there would exist high uncertainty for Qoros to finish the goal of setting up 80 dealers before 2013. Therefore, the Qoros China dealers launching meeting with near 100 dealers in presence also eliminated these concerns about the new brand’s future channel building with facts. 汽车配件网

For one hand, the launching of new products is much slower than the competitor. On the other hand, the frequent top personnel changes seriously hinder Skoda’s healthy development since one brand’s building needs a long-term. It is believed that Skoda has realized the existing problem. It must be a beginning of adjustment since Skoda’s network begins to extend to third and fourth-tier cities and the new brand Superb will be launched on Aug. 12. Relying on SUV-Yeti and Hao Rui station wagon and new mid-size Superb in the second half year, whether Skoda will realize the new sales breakout? We will keep watching. 汽车配件网

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